Indulge in Luxury: 1-Day Champagne Travel Itinerary with Winetasting

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Visit of a Small Champagne Producer, “Premier Cru”, Champagne travel itinerary Visit of Champagne Veuve Clicquot

AM: Arrival in Reims

Your arrival at the Reims Train Station will be met with a warm welcome from our English-speaking chauffeur. He will be ready with a luxurious full-option Mercedes Minivan car to start your unforgettable journey in Champagne.

AM: Visit of a Small Champagne Producer, “Premier Cru”

Visit the cellar and taste  3 different Champagnes. Immerse yourself in an exquisite experience at an exclusive Premier Cru Small Champagne Producer. Located among picturesque vineyards with a rich history, this hidden treasure offers a memorable journey for those who appreciate the finer things. Explore sun-drenched vineyards where expert artisans oversee the growth of the finest grapes. Uncover the Champagne-making secrets in our historic cellars, where traditional methods harmonize with contemporary innovation. Join us on a captivating adventure through Champagne country, where luxury reigns supreme and every moment is a toast to life’s luxuries.

AM: Transfer with a stop for photos

Stop at a View Point into the Vineyard. Pause amidst the splendor of our vineyard vista, a moment of pure serenity and sublime beauty. As the sun bathes the rolling hills in a golden glow, capture the essence of luxury with a few exquisite photos, each frame a testament to the timeless allure of Champagne.

PM: Visit of Champagne Veuve Clicquot

After lunch, embark on an exclusive journey through the rich history of Champagne at the prestigious Champagne Veuve Clicquot. Explore the historic cellars where time seems to stand still, surrounded by walls echoing with the secrets of centuries gone by. Witness the meticulous artistry that goes into crafting their world-famous Champagnes as you wander through the winding corridors, observing the aging and blending processes firsthand. Conclude your visit with a specially curated tasting of four exceptional Champagnes, each showcasing the House’s unmatched expertise and creativity. From the crisp sophistication of their Brut and Extra Brut to the delicate charm of their Vintage and Vintage Rosé, savor a range of flavors that will enchant your taste buds and leave you with a memory of opulence and sophistication.

PM: Departure

Bid farewell to Champagne and depart for your onward journey. Your private driver will transport you to Paris.


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