Châteaux, Gardens & Exclusive Homes of Normandy Private Tour

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An enchanting exploration of hidden treasures, where history and beauty converge in a tapestry of delights, awaits you on this Normandy Private Tour. Your day unfolds with a journey through time, from the iconic Bayeux Tapestry to the lush gardens of Château de Brecy.

Begin your adventure with a captivating walking tour of Bayeux’s historic center, where medieval charm meets modern allure. Marvel at the awe-inspiring Bayeux Cathedral and immerse yourself in the captivating narrative depicted in the legendary Bayeux Tapestry, a testament to the artistry of ages past.

Indulge in the privilege of exclusive access to one or two exceptional private homes, where you’ll step into the private realms of their interiors and perhaps even meet with the owners, offering a rare glimpse into their lives and legacies.

After a leisurely lunch (not included), venture onwards to the timeless Château de Fontaine-Henry, a bastion of Norman heritage steeped in eight centuries of history. Wander through its storied halls and corridors, where echoes of the past mingle with the whispers of the present.

Conclude your day with a visit to the exquisite 17th-century gardens of Château de Brecy, hailed as one of Europe’s most beautiful small gardens. Lose yourself in a symphony of colors and fragrances as you stroll through meticulously manicured landscapes, each corner revealing a new enchantment.

Experience the essence of Normandy as you uncover its treasures, from historic châteaux to private sanctuaries and verdant gardens, crafting memories that will linger in your heart long after your journey ends.


Duration: 8 hours

What awaits you: 

  • Personalized guided tour with a knowledgeable driver designed for adults;
  • UNESCO-listed Bayeux Tapestry – a remarkable portrayal of the Norman Conquest;
  • Château de Fontaine-Henry, a family-owned castle for eight centuries, now owned by the Marquis d’Oilliamson;
  • An unforgettable journey through Normandy’s captivating history and culture.

Tour Highlights: 


Creully sur Seulles
Château de Fontaine-Henry

Within this tour, we organize a private transfer in a luxury car from your hotel to the sights mentioned in the tour description.

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