The Royal Etiquette Classes in London

As we know, learning the rules of etiquette and good manners will help you feel more confident in various situations and not feel embarrassed and awkward in communication. It is good to start by immersing yourselves in the world of the "formal etiquette", because when you find yourself in an unusual formal situation, it is very useful to know the rules of behavior dictated by etiquette.

Carsons Travel Concierge invites you to receive invaluable lessons of behavior in the high society - in the school of etiquette founded by Lady Veronica Scrivener from East Suffolk, whose family is the heirs of the kings of France and England.

Британский этикет

Etiquette programs can be fully tailored to your schedule and time, from one-day introductory courses to specialized courses and tours dedicated to the study of the history and cultural heritage of Britain, historical and Royal London, the traditions of rural life on the estate and the etiquette of "high society".

The course leader is Lady Veronica Levett-Scrivener (née Joly de Lotbiniere), descended from a prominent family who bought 20,000 acres of land from the Duke of Norfolk in the 16th century to add to their estates in East Suffolk. Among her ancestors is Bishop John Fisher, patron of the great John Constable and close confidant of King George III.

Veronica's famous ancestors include Admiral William Bligh (1754-1817), captain of the famous HMS (His Majesty's Ship) Bounty, whose infamous mutiny has been the subject of several feature films. Her other ancestor is General Augustine Prevost (1723 - 1782), who commanded the British army during the invasion of North Carolina in 1779, as well as his son Sir George (1769 - 1816), who was governor general and commander in chief of British troops in North America. during the War of Independence. Members of the Joly de Lotbinier family are descendants of the kings of France and England. They held a high position in France and Canada, and through one of the cousins ​​of the Earl of Devon, the family tree goes back to Hugh Capet, King of France (987). In 1787, in Canada, King Louis XVI granted the head of the family the title of Marquis de Lotbinier. His descendant Sir Henry Gustave Joly de Lotbinières became Prime Minister of Quebec and Governor of British Columbia. His grandson, Brigadier General Henry Gustave Joly de Lotbinières established the British line of the family, settling at Brandon Hall in Suffolk. The first wife of his son, Sir Edmond Joly de Lotbinière, the Honorable Elizabeth Joliffe, was a direct descendant of Henry VII, and through her a family line can be traced back to the great Tudor dynasties.

Carsons Travel Concierge can create a bespoke program exclusively tailored for your interests, organise visits to castles and other estates of the British aristocracy.

Stay at the state country house with Lady Veronica and her experts to experience the lifestyle of the member of the Royal family and to study the Royal etiquette and protocol.

Британский этикет

Сreate your Royal etiquette travel itinerary :
- Etiquette private classes and tuition by the Royal Etiquette Expert Lady Veronica Scrivener
- Go for equestrian sports or choose to take a special course in preparation for the main social events of the season, such as the Royal Ascot horse races, the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the flower shows in Chelsea and Harrogate, the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.
- Have a private etiquette tuition during picnics with Lady Veronica and her friends
-Your etiquette expert will help you choose the perfect wardrobe, as well as accompany you to events and introduce your friends and acquaintances to the circle.
-Discover the Afternoon Tea etiquette as it is the best way to communicate in an informal small talk over.
- The Art of Dining and Ballroom English Etiquette
- Stay in private estate houses belonged to the British aristocracy
Британский этикет
Британский этикет
At Carsons Travel Concierge we can organise courses in Manners and Etiquette for corporate clients in private members clubs in London and in the countryside.

Whether you prefer take your etiquette class privately offline or online, your Carsons Travel Concierge will be privileged to organise a tailor-made etiquette tuition programme for you.

Contact Carsons Travel Concierge with your special requests, unique travel needs, or to start planning your next dream tip!

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