Tailor-Made Etiquette Classes in London

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Indulge on traditional British royal etiquette and good manners classes with Princess Katarina and Royal Butler Grant.

Her Royal Highness Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia and Serbia is a member of two Royal Dynasties. She is an etiquette expert, lifestyle consultant, butler trainer, and public speaker. Grant is now a British Royal Etiquette Consultant, Butler Trainer, and Broadcaster and has featured on TV series in the UK for the last 20 years.

Learn the rules of royal etiquette, proper behavior, and essential social skills for the 21st century. Choose an iconic location to immerse yourself in the art of refined living, such as Blenheim Palace, Woburn Abbey, Broomhall House, The Ritz Hotel, Borthwick Castle, and Thornbury Castle.

Duration: 1 day

What awaits you: 

  • Choose from: Royal Afternoon Tea Class, One-Day Etiquette Class, Lesson in Royal Etiquette, Classes on Royal Afternoon Tea Etiquette, Royal Dining Etiquette, or British Royal Butler Courses;
  • Topics covered include official introductions, dress codes, greetings, gift-giving, and conversations;
  • Lecturers are available to attend the venue of your choice.


  • Private etiquette lesson with Princess Katarina and Royal Butler Grant in London.

If you wish, we can organize a private transfer in a luxury car from your hotel to the meeting point with the etiquette expert.

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