Best Vintage Shopping Guide in London

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London is a city where creativity dances in harmony with commercial prowess, a magnet drawing the most gifted creatives from around the globe. But there’s more to London’s allure – it’s an energetic fountainhead of success!⁣⁣ I invite you to accompany me on a glamorous voyage to the vintage havens of London, weaving our narratives into the tapestry of fashion history. Here, the past intertwines with the present and every boutique whispers secrets of eras gone by. Come, let us infuse our personal essence into this vibrant fashion odyssey.

Things to do in London


Picture this: the early morning sun casting a warm glow on Portobello Road, igniting a bustling vintage haven. The Portobello Road Antique Market beckons with its enchanting allure – a symphony of antique jewelry and vintage clothing harmonizing with the echoes of time. Imagine draping yourself in a vintage fur stole that once graced the shoulders of elegance incarnate. With each step, the cobblestones carry stories of eras past and you become a living canvas, intertwining history with haute couture.


In the embrace of Beyond Retro’s vibrant chaos, I embrace the thrill of time travel. As I sift through racks bursting with ’80s sequined extravagance and ’70s bohemian flair, I’m not just shopping – I’m curating my own vintage saga. A denim jacket from the ’90s whispers tales of rebellious spirits, inviting me to channel my inner rockstar. This is where fashion becomes a passport to the past and I embark on a journey of self-expression through style.


In an era when sustainability and style walk together, Serotonine Vintage shines as a beacon of both. This is not just shopping; it’s a transcendence into the past, adorned with an array of designer marvels – Burberry, Dior, Moschino and Fendi, to name but a few. Here, each piece is a testament to the artistry of fashion’s legends, ready to be woven into your contemporary narrative. Every garment speaks volumes about both your personal taste and your commitment to a more mindful world.


Rellik is a name that resonates with my reverence for fashion’s legacy. As I explore its carefully curated pieces, I’m engaging in a conversation with the icons of the past. A vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer becomes my conduit to the chic streets of Paris, while a vivacious Versace dress from the ’80s lets me embody the audacious spirit of that era. Here, you will craft your personal ode to fashion’s evolution.


My heart races as I step into Alfie’s Antique Market, a haven of opulence that resonates with my vintage-loving soul. Here, I uncover treasures that transcend mere fashion. An Art Deco brooch catches my eye, a testament to an era of unparalleled elegance. I imagine the soirées it once graced and I feel like a modern-day aristocrat donning history’s most exquisite artifacts.


If you thought Liberty was all about the latest trends, think again. Get ready to dive into a vintage wonderland right within the heart of this iconic London store. Imagine strolling through the aisles, surrounded by the buzz of modern style and suddenly stumbling upon pieces that transport you back in time. That’s the magic of Liberty’s vintage section. It’s like discovering a hidden treasure trove where each piece has its own story to tell. From retro scarves that would make your grandma proud to handbags that scream 1920s glamor, it’s all there waiting to be explored. What’s super cool is that while Liberty’s known for its contemporary flair, they’ve managed to seamlessly blend the old with the new. These vintage finds aren’t just throwbacks; they’re a celebration of the store’s rich history and the evolving spirit of fashion.


Hold onto your hats because I’m about to spill the beans on a seriously cool spot – Atika Vintage Department Store. Trust me, you’re going to want to know about this place if you’re all about that old-school charm.

Places to eat & drink in London

Here are some of our favorite spots in London where you can enjoy delicious meals while embracing the vintage atmosphere:

The Ivy Chelsea Garden: Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, The Ivy Chelsea Garden offers a cozy and vintage-inspired garden setting. The menu features British classics with a modern twist and the outdoor terrace is perfect for a stylish al fresco dining experience.

Hawksmoor Seven Dials: For lovers of vintage aesthetics and mouthwatering steaks, Hawksmoor Seven Dials is a top choice. Housed in a former brewery, this restaurant boasts an industrial-chic ambiance with exposed brick walls and a roaring fireplace.

Bob Bob Ricard: If you’re in the mood for a touch of vintage glamor, Bob Bob Ricard is the place to be. Known for its “Press for Champagne” button at each table, this upscale restaurant offers a blend of opulence and sophistication that harkens back to the glamorous eras of the past.

The Wolseley: Step back in time at The Wolseley, a grand café-restaurant reminiscent of the European grand cafes of the early 20th century. With its marble pillars, plush seating and classic menu, it’s a must-visit for a stylish and elegant lunch.

Dishoom: Transport yourself to the bustling streets of Bombay at Dishoom. This Bombay canteen-style eatery combines vintage vibes with delectable Indian cuisine. Enjoy classic dishes with a modern twist in an atmosphere that’s both vibrant and nostalgic.

Sketch: Sketch is not just a restaurant; it’s an artistic experience. The Gallery at Sketch features iconic pink decor and futuristic egg-shaped bathrooms that are Instagram-worthy. Indulge in afternoon tea or a chic dinner in this whimsical setting.

While we’ve been exploring the vintage wonders of London, let’s take a detour to a dining spot that’s an absolute must-visit for both your taste buds and your love for vintage vibes – Turnips at Borough Market. Tucked within the vibrant Borough Market, Turnips isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a culinary celebration of the market’s bountiful produce and a nod to the vintage spirit that makes this place so unique. What’s utterly delightful is how Turnips seamlessly blends the old and the new, offering a contemporary dining experience with a hint of nostalgia. What truly sets Turnips apart, though, is the sense of community and connection. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a meeting place where locals and visitors come together to share stories, celebrate food and revel in the vintage charm that Borough Market embodies.

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