Private D-Day Tour in Normandy: Honoring Sacrifice and Resilience

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Step into the poignant chapters of history with our exclusive Private D-Day Tour in Normandy, an immersive journey designed to ignite your spirit and deepen your understanding of one of history’s most pivotal moments.

Begin your voyage of remembrance at the picturesque shores of Courseulles-sur-Mer, where the echoes of over 14,000 Canadian soldiers, their valor and sacrifice forever etched in the sands, still resound. Here, amidst the serene beauty of the coastline, immerse yourself in the poignant exhibits of the Juno Beach Centre, tracing the footsteps of heroes and paying homage to their unwavering courage.

Continue your exploration with a solemn pause at Croix sur Lorraine, a poignant symbol of unity and remembrance, where the weight of history is palpable in every whispering breeze. Then, prepare to be awestruck by the sheer ingenuity of Arromanches’ Mulberry harbor, an engineering marvel that stands as a testament to human resilience amidst the chaos of war.

But the heart of our expedition lies in the solemn grounds of Colleville-sur-Mer, where rows upon rows of white crosses silently bear witness to the ultimate price paid for freedom. Here, amidst the hallowed tranquility of the US Cemetery, take a moment to reflect, to honor, and to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

As the journey unfolds, stand in reverence at the iconic Pointe Du Hoc, where the cliffs bear scars of battles fought and won, a stark reminder of the bravery and determination of Allied forces. Then, with humility and solemnity, pay your respects at the German cemetery, a poignant reminder of the human cost of conflict and the enduring need for peace.

Let this unforgettable expedition immerse you in the history of D-Day and the profound human stories of courage, sacrifice, and resilience that continue to resonate through the ages. Each moment of reflection, each step taken in the footsteps of heroes, deepens our appreciation for the enduring legacy of D-Day and the precious gift of freedom that we must never take for granted.


Duration: 8-10 hours

What awaits you: 

  • Personalized guided tour to experience the profound history and legacy of D-Day;
  • Explore the remnants of military installations that serve as a poignant memorial to Allied troops;
  • A thorough exploration of history provides valuable insights and in-depth explanations along the way;
  • Delve into the historical importance of the D-Day landings while admiring the picturesque coastal views.

Tour Highlights: 

Croix sur Lorraine


Within this tour, we organize a private transfer in a luxury car from your hotel to the sights mentioned in the tour description.

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