Normandy Coastal Towns Private Tour: From Honfleur to Fécamp

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Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Normandy coastal towns. Begin your journey in the charming town of Honfleur, renowned as a cradle of impressionism. Meander through its quaint streets, where every corner reveals a new masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the iconic wooden Sainte-Catherine church, a testament to the town’s rich maritime heritage.

Continue your adventure to Le Havre, where modernity meets history in a stunning fusion of post-war architecture and timeless charm. Marvel at the striking design of St Joseph’s Church and ascend to the hanging gardens for panoramic views that stretch to the horizon.

Next, venture along the breathtaking Alabaster Coast to Etretat, a place of unparalleled beauty that has captivated artists and writers for centuries. Stand in awe before the majestic chalk cliffs that rise dramatically from the azure waters below, and wander through Les Jardins d’Etretat, where nature’s beauty takes center stage in a mesmerizing display of color and form.

Before concluding your journey in Fécamp, indulge in the culinary delights of La Mer à Boire, where the freshest seafood and local delicacies await to tantalize your taste buds. Finally, immerse yourself in the rich history of Fécamp, where the Fisheries Museum offers a glimpse into the town’s maritime past, and the opulent Benedictine Palace invites you to savor tastings of the legendary herbal drink Benedictine.

Let this captivating coastal voyage in Normandy sweep you away on a whirlwind of discovery, where every moment promises a new adventure and every destination leaves an indelible mark on your heart.

Duration: 8 hours

What awaits you: 

  • Personalized itinerary through the quaint villages lining the Upper Normandy with a knowledgeable driver;
  • Charming fishing and sailing port, picturesque narrow streets, and timber-framed or slate-fronted houses;
  • The UNESCO World Heritage Site, modern St Joseph’s Church, and the hanging gardens with fabulous views;
  • Enchanting towns, stunning coastal views, and a taste of Normandy’s rich heritage.

Tour Highlights: 

Le Havre

Within this tour, we organize a private transfer in a luxury car from your hotel to the sights mentioned in the tour description.

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