Kid-friendly Food Tour in Paris

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Enjoy a fun guided gastronomic walk with your kids. Explore an iconic Parisian neighborhood as you visit the most delectable culinary shops. Indulge in traditional French delights like cheese, cured meat, pastry, and even fine wines (for adults).

Locals love these off-the-beaten-track boutiques that offer a unique opportunity to learn about French cuisine. The passionate shop owners will eagerly share their knowledge and passion with you and your children. Our expert guide ensures that the tasting experience is tailored to your children’s preferences while captivating them with stories and hidden gems. Take advantage of this unforgettable family bonding moment filled with delicious discoveries in the heart of Paris.

Duration: 2 hours

What awaits you: 

  • Explore an iconic Parisian neighborhood and its culinary shops;
  • Indulge in French gastronomic delights like cheese, cured meat, pastry, and fine wines;
  • Learn about French cuisine from passionate shop owners and have fun;
  • The tour can be adjusted based on your food preferences and intolerances.


  • Private guided kid-friendly food Tour in Paris.

If you wish, we can organize a private transfer in a luxury car from your hotel to meeting point with your expert guide.

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