Guided Tour to Palais de Tokyo Museum

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Explore the trendy and fascinating Palais de Tokyo Museum in Paris, known for its unique history. Despite its name, the museum has no relation to Tokyo, Japan, but is named after the adjacent Tokyo Avenue (now known as New York Avenue).

The palace was built in 1937 for an international art and technology exhibition. The Western Wing is a center for avant-garde art of the 21st century that hosts temporary exhibitions, installations, debates, workshops, and video screenings. Take advantage of this must-visit museum if you’re a fan of contemporary and avant-garde art.

Duration: 2 hours

What awaits you: 

  • Immerse yourself in the contemporary and avant-garde art scene of Paris;
  • Take advantage of this must-visit museum if you’re an art enthusiast or simply curious;
  • With skip-the-line entrance, avoid the long queues;
  • Discover the vibrant art scene in Paris.


  • Private guided tour and tickets.

If you wish, we can organize a private transfer in a luxury car from your hotel to Palais de Tokyo Museum.

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